Bullet resistance

Calculable protection against firearm attack - when lives are at stake.


In Germany and many other countries, the possession of firearms is tied to special conditions. Nevertheless, weapons pose a considerable danger, as they are used time and again in terrorist attacks and other crimes.

People in the public eye, such as high-ranking politicians, officials and businesspeople, in particular, are also the targets of criminals and vulnerable to attack with firearms in the private sphere.

Here, bullet-proof windows and doors constructed from steel profile systems – like those used in military buildings and particularly susceptible public and commercial buildings – can provide extra protection.


Bullet resistance and bullet resistance classes FB, NS and S

DIN EN 1522 relates to the bullet resistance of doors, windows, shutters, blinds, transfer trays and other bullet-proof elements. It distinguishes seven bullet resistance classes (FB), from FB1 to FB7, whereby FB7 offers the greatest protection.

Typically, personal protection measures are based on resistance class FB 4 and applications in the military and for highly endangered persons are based on resistance classes FB 6 and FB 7.

DIN EN 1523 defines the test parameters. During the shooting test, the inner side of the test object is monitored to see whether bits of material or glass are shed from it. The acronyms NS (non-splintering) or S (splintering) are then added to the test result accordingly.

Bullet-proof windows and doors constructed from steel profile systems

If an element needs to be bullet-proof, it is generally advisable to make the accessible entrance and façade regions bullet-proof as well. However, bullet-proofing may also be required on higher floors, in particular if there are buildings opposite.

Windows, doors and façades made of Jansen steel profile systems are tested and approved for FB4 to FB6. As with intrusion protection, the entire component (frame, glass, hinges and fittings) is subjected to the test and classified as a whole – calculable protection, even against higher calibres.


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