Health and well-being

More safety creates more security

Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden

Invitingly bright, comfortably warm rooms are the guarantors of physical and mental well-being. Large-format windows and doors, facades and fixed glazing made of heavy-duty steel profiles contribute to this: They allow the construction of light-flooded rooms and at the same time offer the greatest possible security against undesirable influences such as cold and noise, as well as burglary and other unwelcome intrusions

Because Jansen steel profile systems stand for efficient heat and sound insulation, reliable fire and smoke protection as well as effective protection against burglary, bullets and explosion. At the same time, they enable the design of invitingly bright work and recreation rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. In short: living spaces in which we feel comfortable with security.

Sound insulation with steel profile systems - For more peace and quiet in all rooms

Noise is the term used to describe the sound that we perceive as unpleasant and that impairs our physical and mental well-being. You could also say: noise is annoying. It does not matter whether it is noise from commercial areas or industrial plants, traffic noise or leisure noise. Certainly, if you live near a commercial area, a busy road or a playground, you have to expect increased noise levels. Noise from the neighbourhood, on the other hand, can come quite unexpectedly

The perception of noise is subjective and varies from person to person - but it is true for all people that noise pollution has negative physical and psychological effects in the medium to long term.

Sound insulation with steel profile systems

Windows, doors and facades with high sound insulation values offer optimum protection against all types of noise

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Sound insulation with steel profile systems

Even less loud, but constantly audible noises can affect the well-being. While the annoyance is felt immediately, the health consequences of the noise often only become apparent after years. This is due to stress reactions in the body that cannot be avoided even during sleep. They lead to nervousness and concentration problems, irritability and aggressive behaviour

Chronic exposure to noise can lead to cardiovascular disease on the physical level and increase the risk of heart attack. On the psychological level, it increases the risk of developing depression. Anyone who wants to prevent this is well advised to use sound-insulating windows and doors, facades and fixed glazing made of steel profiles

They keep unwanted noise out. The greater the expected noise pollution, the higher the sound insulation requirements should be selected.

Thermal insulation - steel profile systems create comfortable rooms with a feel-good guarantee

Thermal insulation has many aspects. It improves comfort, helps to save heating costs and increases the value of a building. Last but not least, it is an active contribution to climate protection. The obligation to insulate buildings is also enshrined in law: at European level in the European Union's Building Directive, and in Germany through the Building Energy Act (GEG 2020).

Improve comfort

A higher room air temperature alone is not enough to feel comfortable in a room - at best it leads to dry air and irritating coughs because mucous membranes dry out. A room only becomes comfortable when the temperature on the inside surface of the surrounding walls differs only insignificantly from the temperature in the room. In addition, windows and doors must close tightly to prevent draughts.

Thermal insulation

A pleasant indoor climate makes a decisive contribution to our well-being. The heat loss of building components is indicated with the heat transfer coefficient or U-value

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Thermal insulation

Reducing energy costs

In old buildings in particular, a lot of heat is lost through joints and inadequate glazing on windows and doors - you are heating your money out of the window. The less energy that escapes through the building envelope, the lower the energy consumption and thus the heating costs. In view of rising energy costs, heat-insulating windows and doors pay for themselves the sooner they are installed.

Increase building value

Replacing inadequate windows and doors not only significantly improves living comfort and reduces energy losses. Tightly closing windows and doors also increase the rentability of the property and thus contribute to long-term value retention. In addition, thermally insulated windows and doors, facades and fixed glazing make an active contribution to climate protection, because: Energy that is not consumed does not cause emissions.

Daylight - as important as the air we breathe

For a long time, light was only considered from a functional point of view

It should give brightness to be able to see even after sunset.

The enormous influence of daylight on human health has now been recognised. It decisively determines our well-being, it controls the sleep-wake rhythm and ensures the release of various hormones during the course of the day. Responsible for this is a photoreceptor that researchers first discovered at the turn of the millennium. These so-called ganglion cells, which are distributed on the retina in addition to the long known cones and rods, do not serve the purpose of vision. Instead, they are connected to an area of the brain that controls our "internal clock" and tunes our metabolism to activity during the day and rest at night.


The aim was to eliminate the dynamics of daylight as completely as possible. Today we know that the light requirements of humans were thus incorrectly estimated.

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Light is quality of life

With this realisation, the supply of daylight to interior spaces has taken on a new dimension. As a logical consequence, a new, Europe-wide daylight standard was created that goes far beyond the previous requirements of the model building code. DIN EN 17037 came into force in March 2019 and - in addition to recommendations on views, sunlight and the avoidance of glare - provides updated and extended guideline values for ensuring an adequate supply of daylight

Unlike the Land Building Regulations (LBO), these are not based on the ratio of window sizes to room size, but on the actual exposure of the room. The incidence of light can be further optimised with window systems made of steel that can withstand high static loads

The ratio of frame proportion to glass area is more favourable than with any other profile system.


Odour nuisance - Keeping bad air outside

Unpleasant odours affect our well-being just as sensitively as noise. And just like noise, they can have harmful health consequences simply because of the permanent stress reaction, which only become noticeable later when the odour nuisance itself has long since become a thing of the past. Smells increase our attention and evoke physiological reactions. Thus they activate the organism or set alarm signals. One example is the smell of food, which makes your mouth water. Another example is stress reactions to very unpleasant smells that prepare the body for fight or flight.

Odour nuisance

With many modern substances, our brain is not able to distinguish odours beyond doubt - some that smell good may well be toxic. Non-load-bearing internal partition walls in accordance with DIN 4103 can act as an odour barrier.

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Odour nuisance

The sense of smell is always receptive and - although most of the olfactory receptors have presumably been lost in the course of evolution - extremely sensitive to even the slightest concentrations. No matter how far away the composting or biogas plant may be, if the wind blows unfavourably, the odour will penetrate into the living space and be in the nose for weeks

Similar odour nuisances are caused by emissions from animal farms, breweries or paint shops, for example - and last but not least car exhaust fumes, to which we are exposed without protection, especially in urban conurbations. This makes it all the more important to take all measures to protect ourselves from odour nuisance, at least within our own four walls

Tightly closing windows and doors, facades and conservatories are undoubtedly part of this. They not only keep out unwanted noise, but also unpleasant odours.

Radiation - the invisible danger

Every human being is exposed to radiation of various kinds in everyday life: This includes radiation from the sun, which reaches the earth as light and heat and without which life would not be possible, but also the radiation that our mobile phone sends and receives. Humans cannot perceive most types of radiation with their sensory organs. This is why it is difficult for many people to correctly assess radiation risks

The infrared heat radiation of a tiled stove, the UV radiation that causes sunburn on the skin, or the X-rays that penetrate our body and make it possible to image internal organs do not differ from each other physically, but they do differ in the energy they carry and thus in their effect on the human organism.

Radiation Protection

Radiation protection doors made of steel profiles can provide reliable protection against unwanted radiation

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Radiation Protection

Safety in use - For perfectly and reliably functioning windows and doors

The topic of occupancy safety has many aspects. They all aim to ensure that a building and all its components, such as entrances, windows and doors, can be used by young and old, young and old, without worry, i.e. without risk to life and limb. This sounds self-evident, but for a long time it was not - just think of the tripping hazards posed by rising door thresholds or the risk of injury from unprotected door rebates

In the past decades, the legislator has created a broad set of regulations to provide people of all ages with more safety and more comfort in public buildings. Particularly with regard to comfortable use, the adoption of individual aspects can also make perfect sense in private residential construction

Safety of use

Floor-mounted glazing with opening sashes requires external fall protection - in the form of a railing or a glass flat balustrade.

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Safety of use

Robust automatic doors made of steel profile systems open when approached. This is not only convenient for weak or disabled people, but also makes it easier to handle fully packed shopping bags or prams. If the children are older, special finger protection doors protect their sensitive limbs from accidental injury

Glass doors must not break even in the event of impact or shock. This is ensured by special safety glass in combination with sturdy frames that hold the glass securely even under dynamic loads. Floor-to-ceiling windows must also be fitted with fall protection so that no one is injured in the event of an accidental impact or even shards of glass falling to lower levels.

All these requirements for safety and comfort can be elegantly met with steel profile systems from Jansen. The exceptional strength of steel ensures that windows and doors, façades and fixed glazing will continue to function perfectly over a long period of time. So that people of all ages can use their apartments, houses and public places without assistance and without any restrictions.